Do Religious Restrictions Force Doctors to Commit Malpractice?

Elegant explanation and reminder of why the Catholic Church should stay out of our nation’s hospitals. Please read and share.


woman with amputated handPicture this: You wake up far too early one morning because your hand is intensely painful and you don’t know why. When the pain gets worse, you go to the ER. The attending doctor, a gray haired man, examines you, draws blood, and then tells you an unusual flesh eating infection in your finger is putting your health at risk. He recommends amputating the hand immediately before the infection causes more harm. What he doesn’t tell you is that at this early stage the simple injection of a state-of-the art antibiotic would solve the problem. Why the omission? His hospital is managed by a self-described religious healthcare ministry that forbids the use of antibiotics.

Across the U.S., religious healthcare corporations are absorbing  once secular and independent hospitals and in the process imposing  religious restrictions that sometimes pit standard medical practice against theology. To the best of my knowledge, no religious…

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2 thoughts on “Do Religious Restrictions Force Doctors to Commit Malpractice?

  1. How do Catholic hospitals justify all the hysterectomies and ovary removals (castrations)? These surgeries are PERMANENT BIRTH CONTROL so they’re obviously in direct conflict with Church doctrine. I suspect economics are the overriding explanation. However, could it be that the Church deems it necessary to de-sex women once their “childbearing days” are over since, in the Church’s eyes, sex is supposed to be purely for procreation and not for pleasure?

    Whatever the reasons, hysterectomy is usually unwarranted. According to ACOG, 76% don’t meet their criteria for the surgery – Not only are most unwarranted, hysterectomy (with or without ovary removal) is a destructive surgery and increases risk for many health problems and reduced quality of life. This affects not only the woman but her family and all of society. Hysterectomy and/or ovary removal should NEVER be a standard of care except in cases of gynecological cancer. And it’s time that women be given the facts about the consequences so they can give INFORMED CONSENT.

    Just as a man’s sex organs have lifelong (non-reproductive) functions, so do a woman’s. This video explains the LIFELONG FUNCTIONS of the female organs –

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